You Won’t Believe How Much These Instagram Fitness Models Make

Hottest Instagram Fitness Models
Photo via: Instagram

Instagram has become a goldmine for fitness models. What started as a few attractive women uploading provocative pictures of themselves at the gym, has turned into a (very) lucrative career for an elite group of fitness models. Instagram has provided a platform for little known gym bunnies to build an army of loyal followers who are willing to spend big bucks on their training programs. And that’s not even where the real money is made. Once these models build a big enough following, they can (and do) charge corporations anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 per Sponsored Post to promote their product.

The models on this list have millions of loyal fans, male and female. Women follow these (beautiful) fitness models because they want to learn the tips and tricks to achieve their physique, and men follow them because… well… you know why. Without further delay, here are 15 fitness models who found fame and fortune on Instagram. Click Next to see these lovely ladies in action!

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