Top 12 Highest NHL Career Earners

6.Martin Brodeur: $82,666,505



Marty is ranked as the top career earner, amongst goaltenders, of all time. The Devils made Brodeur a very rich man his entire career, most notably in the 06-07 season, where Brodeur signed his most lucrative contract worth $31.2 million for 6 years ($5.2 mil per). Brodeur closed out his run with the Devils, making $9 million in exchange for a 2-year deal, quite impressive for a goaltender who signed that deal at the age of 40. Marty is currently under contract with the Blues in what may be his final season. The Hall of Fame bound goaltender wasn’t looking for money on this deal, just an opportunity to win one final cup. Marty is making $700,000 with the Blues this season.

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