Top 12 Highest NHL Career Earners

2. Vincent Lecavalier: $98,073,808



When Steve Yzerman took over as General Manager in 2010, he stressed the importance of building youth in Tampa Bay. Steve looked to build the franchise around Steven Stamkos, as opposed to the old guard which consisted of St. Louis and Lecavalier. Steve was not thrilled when looking at the captain’s contract worth a ridiculous $85 million for 11 years ($7.7 per). After the 12-13 season, Yzerman decided it was time to move on and the team bought out the remainder of Lecavalier’s huge contract. Surprising many, Lecavalier would opt for another big money deal, as opposed to going to a contender for less money. Vince signed a $22.5 million dollar deal for a 5 year term.

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