Top 12 Highest NHL Career Earners

4. Jarome Iginla: $83,825,000



During his prime days as a Calgary Flame, Jarome Iginla was not only a great sniper, but also a tremendous leader. After a breakout season during the 01-02 campaign (scoring 52 goals), Jarome was awarded (after the lockout) a lucrative deal worth $21 million for 3 years ($7 mil per). Iginla was later extended another 5 years at the same rate of $7 million per season. Despite his older age today, at 37, Iginla is still making some big bucks. Jarome signed with the Av’s 2 years ago, and the veteran did not come cheap, giving him a contract worth $16 million for 3 years ($5.33 mil per). This is expected to be Iginla’s final contract of his career, set to expire when he hits the big 4-0.

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