Jose Bautista: The 2nd Best Bat Flip of All-Time!

Jose Bautista Epic Bat Flip
Photo Credit: Getty Images

In the seventh inning of ALDS Game 5 between the Rangers and Blue Jays, slugger Jose Bautista treated Toronto fans with a bat flip for the ages. After blasting a 3-run shot deep into the stands, Bautista tossed his bat toward the Rangers dugout. Although baseball purists were not happy with Bautista’s antics — considering the stakes — it’s hard to blame the guy. After all, Bautista’s homer helped clinch the Blue Jay’s first postseason series victory since 1993. Regardless of whether or not you liked Bautista’s bat flip, it raises an important question — is it the best bat flip of all time?

While there is no denying Bautista’s epic bat flip belongs near the top of the list, we were able to find something better…

The title for best bat flip belongs to a man named Jung Hoon. Hoon plays for the Lotte Giants in the Korean Baseball Organization. On May 28th, Hoon blasted a monstrous two-run shot to left field, and celebrated with a bat flip that put Bautista’s to shame! A move like this in the MLB would 100% lead to a bench clearing brawl. With that said — let’s get more Korean players in the MLB! As an added bonus, the announcer’s call might be just as awesome as the bat flip itself! 


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