Donald Trump Advises Brady to Sue NFL for $250 Million

Although I doubt Tom Brady was asking for it, the always outspoken Donald Trump was more than willing to offer up some bold advice. Via his Instagram page, Trump posted this fiery video.

Sue them Tom! #TrumpVlog

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In a follow up interview with ESPN, Trump added the following comments to support his advice,  “[The NFL] spent millions of dollars on a report, and the end is ‘more probable than not.’ They’ve been so beaten up with some bad decisions, like the [Ray] Rice decision, where he punches the hell out of his wife and he gets a two-game suspension, that they want to go really tough. But you shouldn’t take it out on someone like this, that’s been so perfect for the league, so good to the league. And, they don’t have the evidence. Because if they say he’s guilty — they don’t know he’s guilty or not. So how do you suspend somebody for four games? I think he’s been treated very, very shabbily. They have a very inconclusive report, and according to Tom, they didn’t give his side of the story. It just seems like a witch hunt, frankly.”

Although Brady’s case has yet to be resolved, it’s highly doubtful that Trump will be part of his legal team. The Donald has enough problems of his own to worry about…