15 Surprising Facts About The Golden State Warriors

14. Stephen Curry is the fourth highest-paid player on the Warriors

Steph Curry talks about his contract

In 2015, Stephen Curry will earn a salary of just over $12 million, as part of the fourth and final year of the four-year, $44 million contract he signed in 2013. When you look at both the contracts recently signed by his teammates, as well as the contracts that were handed out in this most recent NBA Free Agency period, you’ll realize the Warriors are damn lucky they employ Curry at such a “bargain” rate. By comparison, Draymond Green will make over $15.3 million this year, Klay Thompson will make over $16.6 million, and the newly signed Kevin Durant will make over $26.5 million. But don’t cry for Curry — who is guaranteed to receive a HUGE contract extension in the offseason.

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