15 Surprising Facts About NBA Star LeBron James

LeBron James dunk
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Since bursting onto the scene as a high school sensation in 2002, no athlete in the world has received more media attention than LeBron James. During the good times, and especially the bad, LeBron has lived his entire life in the public eye. But even with all the media coverage “King James” receives, there are still many details of his personal life that most fans are not aware of. In honor of one of the greatest basketball players of all-time, we gladly present, 15 Surprising Facts about NBA Star LeBron James. Scroll down to get started… 

LeBron and his high school teammates sold duct tape to raise money for new uniforms

LeBron James and his high school basketball teammates

LeBron and his teammates at St. Vincent-St. Mary’s were inseparable, and worked together to help get their basketball careers off the ground. One of those endeavors included selling duct tape as a fundraiser to purchase new uniforms. The group mentioned that they would often set up shop outside of a liquor store, because they found that to be the most lucrative location.

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