15 Scandals That Rocked ESPN

Stephen A. Smith comments on Ray Rice

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN
Getty Images

When it comes to moronic, unconscionable, and reprehensible statements made publicly, Stephen A. Smith is like a buffet line. But of all the ridiculous statements he’s made — and there are plenty — some of the worst have to be around the Ray Rice assault. As the former running back of the Baltimore Ravens was being persecuted in the court of public opinion, after video surfaced of him punching and knocking out his (future) wife, Smith made comments that somehow made it seem like Rice’s wife had some part in provoking Rice’s action, to the point where it was semi-justifiable. ESPN did suspend Smith for such comments, but much to the general chagrin of sports fans all over the country, he’s still on television. According to Complex.com, ESPN pays Smith more than $3 million per year.

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