15 Scandals That Rocked ESPN

Jay Mariotti’s pattern of violence

Jay Mariotti fired from ESPN

Jay Mariotti was one of the pioneers of journalistic rabble-rousing, having once been chastised by famous movie critic (and former colleague) Roger Ebert for having a “penchant for writing sensationalist columns to attract reader.” Naturally, ESPN made a great platform for him, as the show sold its soul years ago, sacrificing journalistic integrity for sports “entertainment.” Nonetheless, in early 2004, Chicago White Sox broadcaster Ken Harrelson called Mariotti — a Chicago native himself — “the biggest sports fraud.” After the two traded barbs through the media, they eventually involved in a physical altercation, which resulted in Mariotti suffering a broken nose. Dozens of sports blogs and talk shows rejoiced in hearing such news. But it didn’t just end there. In 2010, Mariotti was arrested in Los Angeles, and charged with seven misdemeanors for physically attacking his girlfriend in a public dispute.

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