15 Scandals That Rocked ESPN

Jason Whitlock trashes ESPN colleagues

Jason Whitlock leaves ESPN
Indianapolis Star

Jason Whitlock was an African-American journalist regularly featured on ESPN.com’s (now defunct) Page 2 section, and often appeared on some of it’s most classic programming like The Sports Reporters and Outside the Lines. But, in 2006, the network decided to part ways with Whitlock after he referred to respected sportswriter Mike Lupica as “an insecure, mean-spirited busybody,” and said about colleague Scoop Jackson: “much of his writing is childish, anti-white and a caricature of a negative black stereotype.” But, in true ESPN fashion, they still brought back Whitlock in 2013, even after making such comments. Whitlock now co-hosts a show with another former ESPN employee, Colin Cowherd, on Fox Sports 1.

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