15 Scandals That Rocked ESPN

Steve Phillips’ Affair

Steve Phillips fired from ESPN

During the summer of 2009, ESPN Analyst (and former New York Mets General Manager) Steve Phillips began to have an extra-marital affair with a young production assistant named Brooke Hundley. At first, when she was uncomfortable with the idea of having such relations with a fellow ESPN employee, she was reportedly told by other female staffers that those types of things were common there. Hundley described Phillips as basically offering to help advance her career as a quid pro quo for their relationship. The fling lasted for several months until Phillips eventually broke it off. But Hundley, 22-years old at the time, lashed out. In retaliation, she repeatedly called Phillips’ wife, Marni, saying, “We both can’t have him!” according to a police report. Phillips’ wife eventually filed for divorce in October of 2009.

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