15 Scandals That Rocked ESPN

ESPN scandals
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In 2011, a book titled Those Guys Have All the Fun revealed the male-dominated, fraternity house-like culture at ESPN, with sleazy tale after sleazy tale of what went on behind the scenes when the camera was off. Some of the biggest names at ESPN were either outed in that book, or have since been involved in some nasty scandals (thus giving credibility to the stories in the book). Here’s a list of the biggest scandals surrounding ESPN employees. Scroll down to get started…

Chris Berman’s Harassment

Chris Berman of ESPN

A former makeup artist named Sue Baumann was employed by ESPN to help with the staff of their Sunday NFL Countdown show. It was during this time that she not only had an extra-marital affair with then co-host Cris Carter, but she allegedly began to receive advances — in the form of personal innuendo’s and suggestive text messages — from host Chris Berman. She filed a sexual harassment claim against the company, which was eventually settled in 2015. Earlier this year, it was announced that Berman (who has been with ESPN since 1979) would leave the network after the 2016 NFL season. Coincidence…?

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