15 Jaw-Dropping MLB Wives & Girlfriends

15. Hannah Davis (Married to Derek Jeter)

Derek Jeter and wife Hannah Davis
(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Born in 1990, Davis is 16 years younger than Jeter. To put that into perspective — when Jeter made his MLB debut on May 29, 1995, Davis had just celebrated her 5th birthday. Hannah Davis is subjected to the “stink eye” from women all over the world, because she’s the lucky lady who finally got (lifelong bachelor) Derek Jeter to settle down. Go back and take a look at the list of women that Jeter bedded during his playing days; you have to be one amazing woman to have a guy like Jeter pass up all other women in the world and commit to you. Then again, if you saw Davis on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, or in the DirecTV commercials, you know why J was totally fine settling down with Davis.

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