13 Undrafted Players Who Shocked The NFL

Linebacker James Harrison was undrafted in 2002
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Whether they are drafted with the 1st overall pick (like John Elway, Peyton Manning, or Andrew Luck) or in the later rounds (Terrell Davis – Pick 196, Tom Brady – Pick 199, Bart Starr – Pick 199) – most future NFL stars are selected on draft day. While it’s common for undrafted players to sign with a team (as a free agent) after the draft, it’s rare for an undrafted player to become more than a role player.

This list honors the greatest odds-defying athletes in NFL history — an elite club of undrafted players who became superstars even though they were overlooked on draft day. These 13 players may have been forgotten on draft day, but the impact they made on the field will ensure their legacies are remembered forever. Here are 13 Undrafted Players Who Shocked The NFL!

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