13 Unbelievable Homes Purchased by MLB Players

2. Evan Longoria

House of Tampa Bay Rays slugger Evan Longoria
Getty Images & Clearwater Largo Real Estate

Sure, his house cost “only” $1.5 million, but Evan Longoria’s waterfront home includes many of the same amenities as the other (much more expensive) homes on this list. Longoria’s Florida home was built on one of the man-made fingers of Venetian Isles, an upscale area next to St. Petersburg (also known as “St. Jetersburg”). From the giant balcony, guests can enjoy picture perfect views of Tampa Bay. Perhaps while cooking in his outdoor kitchen or lounging in his heated pool. By keeping his real estate budget (relatively) low, Longoria can think of other ways to spend the $100 million contract he signed before the 2013 season.

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