13 Most Hated College Football Players of All Time

11. Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M)

Johnny Manziel Texas A&M
Photo via: Getty Images

Talk about a player going from a media sensation to a media trainwreck. Johnny Manziel captured the hearts and the attention of the college football world with his “organized chaos” style of quarterback play as the starting quarterback at Texas A&M. The slightly undersized, but highly exciting quarterback, was reminiscent of a modern day Doug Flutie or Fran Tarkenton. But, after that magical year, it all went downhill from there. Manziel spent the next summer essentially being asked to leave the Manning Passing Academy after allegedly oversleeping, declaring on social media he can’t wait to leave Texas A&M, and getting kicked out of a fraternity party at the University of Texas (an in-state rival). Later that year, there were investigations as to whether he accepted money for autographs, which he eventually ended up getting suspended for. That led to him creating his infamous “money gesture” after every big play he made, where he’d rub his fingers together in a manner denoting money (as a taunt to those autograph allegations). As much success as he brought the Aggies on the field, it was clear that his coaching staff couldn’t wait for him to leave town.

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