13 Most Hated College Football Players of All Time

12. Maurice Clarett (Ohio State)

Maurice Clarett Ohio State
Photo via: Getty Images

Maurice Clarett went from a freshmen feel-good story to an entitled diva who only cared about himself. At first, he was one of the key components of the 2002 Ohio State Buckeyes team that reached — and eventually won — the National Championship game. But the spotlight and fame clearly got to his head. He publicly attacked his coach in late 2002, and openly criticized school officials for not paying for him to fly home for the funeral of a friend; he even went as far as saying they lied about wanting to help him. Before his sophomore season, Clarett was kicked off the football team after being charged with filing a false police report for personal theft, which later led to the discovery of him receiving improper benefits. Spoiler Alert: Clarett isn’t the only Buckeye to make this list…

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