13 Most Hated College Football Players of All Time

13. Brian Bosworth (Oklahoma)

Brian Bosworth Oklahoma Sooners
Photo via: Getty Images

Brian “The Boz” Bosworth is the poster child for this list. Where do you start with him? Is it the positive steroid test, which led to him wearing a shirt calling the NCAA the “National Communists Against Athletes?” Or was it the subsequent suspension for again testing positive for steroids before the Orange Bowl in 1987? The crown jewel of Bosworth’s misbehavior has to be his autobiography that he penned with the help of Sports Illustrated’s Rick Reilly. In the book, Bosworth outed his University of Oklahoma football team as being laden with drug use, gun play in the athletic dorm, and other wild behavior. Those allegations eventually led to head coach Barry Switzer being forced to resign. For years afterward, Bosworth was Persona non grata in Norman, Oklahoma.

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