13 Highest Paid College Basketball Coaches [#6 is Shocking]

6. Sean Miller (Arizona -$3,484,500)

Arizona coach Sean Miller is one of the highest paid coaches in the NCAA
AP Photo & Getty Images

At age 48, Arizona’s Sean Miller is one of the younger coaches on this list. But Miller’s (relative) lack of experience didn’t stop Arizona from paying him $3,484,500 this past season. Miller has led the Wildcats to the NCAA tourney in four consecutive seasons, winning 30+ games in two of those years. But despite all of his success, Miller is best known for something completely different. Turn on a Wildcats game and take a look at the bench — you’ll see coach Miller drowning in a pool of his own sweat. Miller is known to sweat so much during games, he routinely has to change his shirt at halftime!

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