11 NBA Stars Who Shocked Fans By Switching Teams

5. Tracy McGrady signs with the Orlando Magic (2000)

Tracy McGrady signs with the Orlando Magic
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People often forget that one of the first attempts to build a “super team” out of high-profile free agent acquisitions came from Orlando in 2000. The team had enough space to sign two players to maximum contracts. Originally, they had their eyes set on Tim Duncan and Tracy McGrady. While Duncan seriously entertained the idea of signing with the Magic, he obviously opted to stay in San Antonio. But, the Magic got McGrady for a six year, $67.5 million contract. McGrady wanted to escape Vince Carter’s shadow in Toronto, and also liked the idea of returning home to Florida. The proverbial “icing on the cake” was signing alongside fellow superstar Grant Hill (who the Magic had also inked). Unfortunately for the fans in Orlando, a series of injuries to Hill derailed any plans of competing for a title. After four years with the Magic, McGrady was traded to the Rockets in 2004 for point-guard Steve Francis.

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