11 NBA Stars Who Shocked Fans By Switching Teams

10. LeBron James signs with the Miami Heat (2010)

LeBron James signs with the Miami Heat
ESPN/Associated Press

After being upset by the Boston Celtics in the second round of the NBA Playoffs, LeBron James began taking meetings with other teams who were fighting to acquire “The King” via free agency. While Cleveland appeared to be the front-runner to retain his services, he eventually revealed — in his infamous live television broadcast known as “The Decision” — that he would be signing with the Miami Heat. James drew immense criticism from Cleveland fans, who felt their “hometown hero” had betrayed them by deciding to “take his talents to South Beach.” In the days after “The Decision” Cavs fans demonstrated their frustration by posting thousands of videos of themselves burning their LeBron jerseys. And even though LeBron (finally) brought a title to Cleveland, most fans have forgiven his decision, but they definitely haven’t forgotten.

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