11 NBA Stars Who Shocked Fans By Switching Teams

Kevin Durant signs with the Golden State Warriors
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Shocked, betrayed, enraged, and down right pissed off! Those are just a few of the emotions felt by OKC fans after the shocking announcement that Kevin Durant was signing with the Golden State Warriors. But regardless of whether you hate his decision, or love it, this isn’t new. Kevin Durant is NOT the first NBA superstar to break the hearts of a fan base and sign with another team. He’s just the most recent…

While Thunder fans spend the next few days burning their Kevin Durant jerseys, NBA fans are reminded of similar situations from the past. Think back to LeBron’s infamous “decision” televised on ESPN, when he told the world he was taking his talents to South Beach. Or his “heroic” return back to Cleveland in 2014. Or how about when Shaq ditched Penny Hardaway and the Orlando Magic in 1996, to join the Los Angeles Lakers. Kevin Durant didn’t start a trend, he’s simply following one.

Here are 11 NBA superstars who shocked fans by switching teams.

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